This RMarkdown output format is designed to generate markdown that is maximally compatible with Hugo. It intelligently generates a preview so that you see something useful when Hugo isn't running, but it doesn't get in the way of hugo's full-site preview when it is.

  fig_width = 7,
  fig_asp = 0.618,
  fig_retina = 2,
  tidyverse_style = TRUE



Figure width (in inches).


Figure aspect ratio, defaults to the golden ratio.


Scaling to perform for retina displays. Defaults to NULL which performs no scaling. A setting of 2 will work for all widely used retina displays, but will also result in the output of <img> tags rather than markdown images due to the need to set the width of the image explicitly.


Use tidyverse knitr conventions? This sets collapse = TRUE, comment = "#>, fig.align = "center", and out.width = "700px".

Syntax highlighting

md_document() uses a hybrid system for syntax highlighting. For R code it uses downlit. For other languages, it relies on Chroma, the syntax highlighter built into hugo.